Autumn 2021 Update

We are halfway through October already and I can hardly believe it! There is so much happening in the world right now that has reinforced my mission even further. I have been using spaces in my days to really hunker down, meditate and connect with my heart. Feeling out what needs to come next for me and my business. I absolutely love helping people start their gardens or trouble shoot problems they have. I also love sharing cooking techniques and tips with others to help them experience how cooking from scratch doesn’t have to be a long and hard process. I love sharing nutrition and holistic living information with those who seek out that information from me. I love diving deeper into holistic seasonal living more and more each year and sharing that with you. I love being able to evolve my business as I grow and change.

I am figuring out exactly what I want to offer in the coming year in the best formats to help you. I have been doing 1:1 garden coaching primarily and stepped back my cooking class offerings since 2020 and all that brought with it. I plan to step up these offerings more in 2022 to make it easier for you to work with me. I also plan to have more opportunities for hands-on workshops for both gardening and cooking in the coming year. We are about to start a kitchen overhaul, which is a bit daunting because we eat 100% of our meals from home. It also means I am unable to film cooking classes and demos at my house until it is finished. I can not wait! Once it is done, you can count on many cooking series with me! 

I love what I do and can’t believe that I get to do this work, but there is also so much more that I want to do and share. I have been interested in herbal medicine and experimenting with making herbal preparations for a long time. I have taken short courses on herbal medicine from various people or schools and have enjoyed them so much. I feel that it is time to move forward with more serious study as an aspiring herbalist. I want to take my knowledge and experience to a much deeper level. I absolutely love plants and what they can do for our health whether it’s through growing them, eating them or making herbal preparations from them. I have been inspired for a large part of my life by stories of my mothers paternal grandmother. It has been said that she was considered a medicine woman. We are unsure of her exact ancestry, but we do know that she was mostly Jicarilla Apache if not 100%. My mom has told me stories of foraging with her as a little girl. She would tell my mom about the plants, even though she didn’t speak a word of English, my mom understood her. I feel a deep connection to her, though she passed when my mom was young. I believe it is from these stories that I feel such a deep connection to herbal medicine, like it’s in my blood and meant to be.

I am so incredibly thankful that when people ask what I do with my business that I get to answer them with, “I teach people how to grow food and cook it.” That will always be the heart of my business and offerings as it is such a passion of mine. I look forward to seeing how the coming year unfolds as I embark on the journey to becoming an herbalist behind the scenes. I have a school picked out and am looking at start dates. I actually picked the school several years ago, but held off to focus on my business and wrapping up my nutrition education. I am beyond excited to learn more and share more about herbal medicine. I am excited to take my love of plants to a new level. 

I would love to hear from you what you would like to see from me. What are the main reasons that brought you to my community? Let me know in the comments!⤵️

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