Connecting With Nature

Nature can be so soothing, grounding and beneficial for our health and happiness. I have always been someone who has loved being in nature, connecting with nature. When I was a little girl you could find me laying on my sleeping bag in the sun watching both the grass and it’s creatures or the sky and anything flying above on any given summer afternoon in my backyard. I loved being outside and looking at all the life that surrounded me. I carry that same love with me today, but the love has grown even greater. I would love to help you find the same connection or a connection to nature that is just right for you in this moment in time. The following are a few of my favorite ways to connect with nature.

  • Go Outside – Just going outside, even for a few moments can be beneficial. While you are outside, purposefully look around you. What do you see? What do you hear? What do you feel? What do you smell? Take a few deep breaths down into your bell, just below your belly button. Pause for a moment as you focus on the area just below your belly button, then let out your breath. (It’s the pauses that are so important, the moments in between.) If you want you can place your hands where you are focusing your breath. Whether you have time to sit outside and relax or have to go back inside quickly, really make it a meaningful experience. 
  • Grow Plants – If you have the outdoor space, start your own kitchen garden, container garden, cut flower or herb garden. If you do not have an outdoor space, try growing some herbs in a container on a sunny windowsill or buy a houseplant or two. (Warning you now, once you buy one, more will follow.😆)There are many ways you can grow plants that will work for your lifestyle and needs. There is something so nourishing about growing plants whether it’s for food, beauty or fun. There are so many benefits to growing plants, connecting with nature is in the top 3 for me!
  • Eat Seasonally and Locally – Another fantastic way to connect with nature is to eat seasonal local foods. This helps you become attuned to the rhythm of nature and the seasons where you live. It also benefits the local growers and farmers, who really need our support. This suggestion is tied to the first two. (Helping you get outside by going to a farmers market and encouraging you to grow some of your own food or herbs.) What is pretty great with eating this way is that the food that is in season naturally contains things you need that season. Think about a juicy watermelon in the heat of summer, it helps with hydration. Warming root vegetables are perfect for cold days of winter and autumn.

Nature is so giving and wonderful. Whatever way we can find to connect with nature, we should make it a point to do those things. There are many, many more ways to connect with nature. These happen to be some of my favorite ways that work for me and the season of life that I am in. If you’ve followed me for a while you might be surprised I didn’t say paddle boarding or meditating in nature or camping and hiking. Those all work too! I would love to hear how you like to connect with nature. Leave your comments below!

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