I have wanted to share my love, passion and knowledge about kitchen gardens by offering kitchen garden coaching. I have taken a kitchen garden course to really hone my skills. I have also joined the Garden Coach Society for ongoing mentorship and support from a wonderful community of gardeners and the amazing Nicole Burke. Now that I have finished the course I am officially certified as a garden coach through Gardenary! I help you find the right location for you garden, show you how to make raised garden beds, best watering practices, optimal planting times for a great harvest, create custom planting plans and more! Food whether it’s growing, cooking or eating it is a very large part of who I am. I know the power of food. I know the power of growing some of your own food. I know the benefits kitchen gardening offers both mentally and physically. (I do not offer installations.)

Services and Pricing

1 Hour Kitchen Garden Consultation Package: $210

  • Includes a one hour consultation to discuss plans, your goals, address main concerns and ask questions about your kitchen garden. Valued at $100
  • 1 Bespoke Planting Plan based on the season (Cool, Warm, Hot, Cold or Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Winter) Covering one 4’x8’ raised bed or two 4’x4′ raised beds. Valued at $60
  • 1 Bespoke 7 Day Meal Plan based on planting plan and highlighting what’s ready for harvesting in the kitchen garden. Valued at $60


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*Currently Offering Virtual Coaching & Consults via Zoom* (I do not offer installations.)

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