Teaching Holistic & Organic Gardening Practices

I have wanted to share my love, passion and knowledge about kitchen gardens by offering kitchen garden coaching. I have taken a kitchen garden course to really hone my skills. I have also joined the Garden Coach Society for ongoing mentorship and support from a wonderful community of gardeners and Nicole Burke. Now that I have finished the course I am officially certified as a garden coach through Gardenary! I can help you find the right location for you garden, best watering practices, optimal planting times for a great harvest, and more! Food whether it’s growing, cooking or eating it is a very large part of who I am. I know the power of food. I know the power of growing some of your own food. I know the benefits kitchen gardening offers both mentally and physically. Garden coaching can help you address main concerns for your garden, ask questions about your kitchen garden or get advice about what to do in your garden. (I do not offer installations.)

Services and Pricing

30 Minute Kitchen Garden Coaching Session: **$44

  • Includes one 30 minute coaching session to discuss your goals for your garden, address main concerns and ask questions about your kitchen garden over Zoom and follow up notes to summarize what was discussed.


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*Currently Offering Virtual Coaching via Zoom* (I do not offer installations.) **Prices subject to change.

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