Seasonal Nutrition for Perimenopause


My approach to perimenopause is through the lens of seasonal living, whether it is seasonal eating, nutrition, herbs, meditation/Reiki or holistic self care, it is based around what is good for you depending on the season we are currently in. I address your main concerns with this in mind.

As women we are cyclical beings, whether it’s the moon cycles or menstrual cycles we live by monthly, there is a bigger cycle we live by, the seasons and all that comes with them. It’s about being connected to the season for optimum wellness in perimenopause.

Through blog posts and social media I share how to address perimenopause symptoms in the best way for the current season. Whether it’s food, therapeutic nutrition  and supplements, holistic self care, lifestyle modifications or meditation, they are chosen based on the current season as well as your needs to help you find harmony on your perimenopause journey. My bespoke protocols include all 4 seasons with suggestions for seasonal food, key nutrients, supplements, lifestyle modifications, holistic self care, herbs, meditation, hydration, etc.


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