Ways To Stay Hydrated Beyond Plain Water

clean clear cold drink
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You should drink half your body weight in ounces of pure filtered water daily, this is something that has been recommended for a while now. What if that is hard for you? What if your physical activity is strenuous or more than average? What if the whether is super hot or cold? There are other ways to get your hydration in besides downing lots of water, which should be your main aim for staying hydrated. If you are looking for alternatives, keep reading.


Green juice or really any juice is a way to get hydration in. Aim for more vegetables than fruit when it comes to your juice. Be mindful if buying bottled juice, look for 100% juice. Fresh juice is best. There is nothing better than fresh made juice. A favorite of mine is a blend of spinach, kale, parsley, lemon and a green apple. I usually use whatever greens I have in the fridge or garden, then add an apple for sweetness or tart and lemon. You can experiment to find flavor profiles that you like, just remember to always have more vegetable than fruit. Don’t be afraid to add fresh herbs like basil or mint. Cucumbers are perfect for juicing too!


Hydrating Foods:

It should go without saying that most fruit is hydrating and a perfect to add to your fluid intake. Add your favorite fruit to your daily snacks, smoothies, juices, etc. Fresh fruit is best. Grapes, apples, citrus, and watermelon are just a few hydrating fruits. Soups can have a high water content as well. Broths are hydrating too.

pile of cucumber slices
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Smoothies are great ways to up your hydration. You can use nut milks, water, teas and elixirs as a base for your smoothie and honestly any of these are great for you to increase water consumption. Don’t forget you can also add ice if you are are not using frozen fruit. Smoothies like juices are a great way to pack a nutrient dense punch in your daily meal plan. Just like juice, aim to have more vegetables than fruit. You can add so many things to a smoothie too. Protein powders, my favorite is Genuine Health fermented organic vegan proteins+ in vanilla. You can add seeds, nuts, herbs, vegetables, fruits, sprouts, and a fat of choice.



Kombucha is a hydrating and easy to make fermented tea. Most store bought brands have too much sugar in them. Kombucha is great for your gut in most cases. You can have it regular or you can do a second ferment to add flavor. Plus who doesn’t love a SCOBY?

Teas and Elixirs:

The world of herbal teas is enormous and there is something for almost every mood, want or condition. Home made loose leaf tea is best from a reputable source. Elixirs can be made from a base of tea, kombucha, nut milks or plain hot water. You can choose what exactly is the aim of the elixir and this will determine what ingredients to use.

Fruit infused waters:

If you would rather stick to water, but want to give it a flavorful punch, you can add fresh fruit slices to your water. You can add everything from berries, citrus, pineapple, or cucumbers to frozen grapes. The choice is yours and the flavor profiles are almost limitless. Add only one fruit or add many. You can do this by the glass or you can make a big pitcher. I like to do this with frozen fruit on super hot days. 

glass cup with raspberry inside and outside
Photo by rawpixel.com on Pexels.com

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