Join the Perimenopause Conversation

Photo: Trevor Wilson, Unsplash

Perimenopause is a journey that doesn’t get talked about enough, it’s time to join the conversation. What have been your biggest peri symptoms? What has this journey been like for you? When did you start on this perimenopause journey?

For me at 43, I’d have to say the last year or two is when I really noticed a shift. Although when I look back on everything with the knowledge I now have, I have had hormonal issues since I was in my mid 20’s after my first son was born. They were so “normal “ to me that I wrote them off. I was too busy with my growing family. That whole put everyone else first, while your health starts suffering, that was me. The shift of perimenopause was noticeable to me because I had become deeply attuned to my body and it’s language.

My biggest problem has been sleep. Even though I try to have my stress management on point, I have 3 teenagers, with 1 who has Aspergers and another with another diagnosis that keeps my stress level high. This is one reason I promote self care so much. For so long I didn’t and paid for it big time.  Now I really listen to what I need.

I hope you join the perimenopause conversation. It helps to know that others are on the same journey. Share your comments below.

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