Summer Days, Finishing School, Plans For The Future

Summer is probably my favorite season with spring a close second. Summer to me is all about family time, playing and being in or near water. Camping is huge for me, so are botanic gardens. I have always made it a priority to get outside and into nature. My boys spent so many hours as young children outside, adventuring, exploring, digging, playing. Now that they are all teenagers, they would rather do other things than be with mom and dad, butI still prioritize nature and playing as much as possible with them, for them. I find we have the best times as a family on hikes, days at the reservoir or lake, and camping.

I haven’t had much of a summer filled with adventuring this year because I have been focused on finishing my very last class to earn my Certified Nutritional Counselor diploma. It has been a long road to get here, years. I still have the final exam to pass, then I am done. I am so excited to take this final and be done with any sort of formal education for a while. I want to focus more on this site, more on creating content for you, more on helping you work on estrogen dominance, perimenopause, hormone health or Hashimoto’s. I want to get a conversation started. So many women have no idea what perimenopause is or that all the years leading up to it determine how it’s going to go for us. Perimenopause is the years leading up to menopause, the time frame can vary from woman to woman. What happens to our bodies is like puberty in reverse. There are many things we can do to help ourselves along the way. I want to share these with you through here, Instagram and Facebook. I hope you join the conversation.

Throughout my education and path with nutrition I have taken many courses and programs which made me want to focus on one area or another because it is all so exciting to me. It seems to the outsider that I can’t make up my mind when it comes to narrowing down a focus. I can tell you I really love nutrition, self care and holistic health in general. In the back of everything I have always focused on women’s health because there are so many topics I wanted to explore for myself or a close friend or family member. After so much soul searching, meditating, and long takes with my husband I see where I am headed. I see what I want to offer, I see lots of creation happening. I will always be a life long learner. I will always be looking to better my knowledge so I can help you. I will still be deep diving behind the scenes for you, for me, for mamas everywhere.

As I head towards the final exam and prep for life after school and with more time to focus on expanding and building what I have to offer you, I am so extremely excited!



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