Remembering Your Why

I often see moms talking about meal prepping or planning and how hard it is to do or get excited about. My suggestions is to think about YOUR why, it doesn’t have to be like anyone else’s. Why do you want your family eating home cooked from scratch meals? Why do you avoid eating out or going through a driv thru? Why have you made the choice that nutrition is a top priority in your families life? The answer to these questions can be your motivation for meal prepping even when you don’t feel like it. Another suggestion I have is to create a habit out of it, tell yourself you will commit to it for x amount of weeks and really stick to it. You will find that eventually it can be an enjoyable time you look forward to. If you want to see the benefits first hand try not doing it one week after you have done it for many. That will show you how much time and energy you save as well as the convenience of knowing exactly what there is to eat. With a house full of hungry teens and a preteen who might as well be called a teen I can definitely tell you having a meal plan and food prepped is a life saver! Remember why you are choosing this way of life and let that motivate you.


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