Helping Moms Thrive

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When I set out on this nutrition and holistic living journey of education and practical hands on experience I wasn’t completely sure what I wanted to do exactly. I mean I knew I have always had a dream of opening a retreat center where people could come for farm to table meals, Reiki, meditation, yoga, cooking classes, etc. It’s still a dream I hold onto and work towards daily, but as I meditated on what I wanted this business to be before any of the retreat center comes to fruition my heart knew I want to work with women. Specifically I want to work with moms. Being a mom to 3 amazing boys, one on the Autism spectrum, I know first hand how challenging it can be to thrive as a mom. I know what it’s like to neglect your own self care while giving your all to your family. I know the price we end up paying when we come from that space. I also know what I did to get to a place of health and wellness that lets me thrive as a mom.



As we all know the health and wellness of the mom sets the foundation of the family. It is my passion to help moms thrive so they can be the best for their family in the way they want to be. I focus on self care, nutrition and cooking classes to bring health to mom with a ripple effect on the whole family.  Teaching a mom to make from scratch whole foods to not only nourish herself but her whole family is something I absolutely love to do. Working with moms to really get them thriving through full nutrition consultations and programs makes me incredibly happy too! Watching a mom find her sweet spot of holistic wellness, self care and being a mom is amazing. It is truly wonderful to watch it all unfold.

Whether it’s through this blog, social media, a cooking class, a nutrition consultation or retreat I look forward to sharing my knowledge and skills with you so that you may thrive as a holistic mom!


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