Cool season gardening

My last post was talking about things you can do to get ready before the the last day of expected frost. Today I want to talk a little about cool season gardening and the many plants you can start/grow well before the last frost date.


Did you know you can start long growing plants like celery or celeriac as much as 14 weeks before the last frost date? They take a very long time to grow and need around 10-12 weeks to get going before being transplanted into the garden. Although you may want to use the growing space they take up with more quick growing, higher harvesting plants like greens. 

🌱 You can sow kale, lettuces and collards about 12 weeks before last frost date for transplanting.

🌱 At 10 weeks before last frost date you can sow some brassicas like broccoli and cauliflower  for transplanting.


This is just a short quick list and doesn’t even cover all the plants you can direct sow into the garden! There really is so much you can grow in the cool season that you can really expand your gardening calendar. You can bookend your warm/hot season garden with cool season plants and enjoy more harvests with proper planning and by knowing what plants grow best in each season. (You don’t have to be tied to frost dates.)


What are some things you like to grow during the cool season or want to try this coming cool season?

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