20 Weeks away from our last expected frost date

It may seem like a long time until we hit the average expected last frost date, but time flies and there is a lot of planning to do now to get ready. 


Some things you can do now to prep for Spring:

🌱 Take an inventory of your gardening tools, sharpen blades, replace or fix broken tools.

🌱 Take an inventory of seed starting supplies (if you start your own seeds)

🌱 Go through your stored harvest and check for anything that might be starting to rot or needs to get used. 

🌱 Take an inventory of your seeds and make a plan to order what you need. 

🌱 Make your garden plan and decide what worked this year, what you want to grow more or less of and take note as you plan. 

🌱 Take a kitchen inventory to see if you need more mason jars, tea towels, anything that helps you use your harvests. 

🌱 Make plans to order garden amendments.

🌱 Check containers for damage, clean and plan out how much soil is needed to fill all containers. 


Taking time to do these things now can set you up for success in the spring. 

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