High producing plants for your kitchen garden

Kitchen gardens are smaller than typical homestead setups or row gardens, but with the right planting technique and plan you can pack a lot into a little bit of space. That is one of many reasons why I like kitchen gardens so much, you don’t have to have a giant yard or a ton of space to grow some of your own food. If you know anything about me, it’s that I wish everyone could grow some of their own food and know how to cook from scratch.


Intensive planting packs in the plants strategically to get the most out of your growing space. The key to intensive planting is harvesting all the time. If you do not harvest frequently, which is a big mistake new and experienced gardeners can make, then you will quickly find your garden over grown and in bad shape. You need to harvest to make sure your plants are getting enough sun and air flow to everything growing or your garden can easily become stressed and more disease prone. So make sure you are harvesting often, this also allows you to see what’s really going on in the garden. You can catch pest problems before it’s too late, the same goes for diseases, etc.


If you do have a small area some of the best high producing plants to grow per square foot are kale, chard and parsley. Tomatoes also produce a lot, but do take up more space than these 3.

Bush beans, pole beans and spinach and pretty much any culinary herb are also great. The same goes for things like carrots, radishes and small turnips where you can get 16 per square foot. I can’t forget to mention salad greens, you can pack in a lot in a small space. Salad greens are perfect for beginning gardeners because they are so easy to grow and produce a lot! I create bespoke planting plans based on growing what you love in the space that you have. I take into consideration your favorite things to cook or eat, space, harvest time, season, and production of plants to make a completely bespoke planting plan. 


If you are looking to get the most harvest yields in a small space the above mentioned vegetables and herbs are easy picks. Remember you don’t have to have acres and acres to grow some of your own food. Even growing micro greens on your kitchen counter counts!


What are your favorite high producing vegetables, herbs or fruits to grow? Or ones that you want to try and don’t know how, I can help! Let me know in the comments and I will create content around those!

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