Self Care During the Holiday Season

Self Care During the Holiday Season 

The holiday season is usually jam packed with activities and running here and there. This year things are very different for most of us. Even if things are slower and there is less running around you still need to make self care a priority. Today I am sharing some things you can do for self care this season.


The weather is much colder right now than summer, but there are still things you can grow inside your house. The good news is that they are all nutrient rich, easy to grow and taste great!


Sprouts are amazingly easy to grow! Though at first it seems difficult until you make your first batch then it is easy! Sprouts can be grown in as little as 3 days using water and rinsing well.


Shoots are the in between stage of sprouts and microgreens, but before true leaves form like baby greens. They can take 1-2 weeks to grow.


Microgreens can easily be grown on a counter near a sunny window with at least 6 hours of light. You can also use small LED grow lights if your space doesn’t get enough light during this time of year. They are nutrient powerhouses and of the three sprouts, shoots and microgreens, they are considered the most nutritious. Some containing 40 times higher amounts of nutrients than their fully mature versions! Just think this little plant has to nutrition to grow into the mature plant and when you consume it as a microgreen you are getting all the benefit.

Whichever you choose to grow, know that you are adding in higher amounts of nutrients during a time of year when colds, the flu and other things are spreading. This will help support your body by providing enhanced nutrition.


Mid fall and early winter cooking is mainly filled with lots of root vegetables, squashes, cold hardy greens and lovely brassicas. These all make for warming hearty soups, stews, tray bakes or one pot meals. Then we also have holiday meals which can easily be filled with nutritious foods by ensuring food is made with healthy options like good fats, lots of vegetables and quality proteins of choice. 

Some inspiration for you from some of my favorite sources:

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When it comes to self care we must address optimal nutrients for the season and other practices that support holistic living. For me and the work I do it’s the back bone of it all! Whether I am growing, sprouting, cooking, or fermenting food it’s all with a focus on optimal nutrition, digestion, assimilation and utilization for holistic wellness. Any practices I suggest to clients or do myself are based on their self care benefits.

This season often is filled with stress which can wreak havoc on our immune system and its ability to handle any bugs or viruses we may encounter. I can not make specific supplement recommendations without you being a client and getting a full health history, but I can share a few basic recommendations to make sure you are eating foods with these nutrients in mind. 

Some general nutrients I like to focus on are things like Vitamin D, we are generally low on this important vitamin, which acts more like a hormone in our body. It’s best to test to see where our levels are so we can supplement accurately and get our levels to a good place. Vitamin C is important all year, but especially during the holiday season. B vitamins are important for midlife ladies, so make sure you incorporate foods high in these like, nuts, parsley, broccoli, kale, lentils, etc.

Include warming elixirs, broths, tonics, teas and tinctures made from herbs that support your immune system, are calming, and generally add joy to your life. I love having elderberry syrup or a nice infused honey. You can easily make these on your own or source them from local small businesses. 

When it comes to physical practices I suggest yoga, moving meditation, walking, or any movement that works for you, that you will want to do often. It’s all about processing stress and stress management. You can also incorporate deep breathing, Reiki, guided meditation to your self care routine. 

The holiday season is not a time to skimp on self care and this year is possibly the most important year to put self care first. I hope you take a go at growing something green this season, trying a few of the recipes I shared and add foods with more nutrition to your meal plan this season. If you have any questions or need help with anything I mentioned above you can book a consult and we can work together in partnership to get you thriving!

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