You Deserve To Feel Amazing During Perimenopause!


I want to talk a little bit about mindset today. Mindset plays a huge role in how we go through this journey of perimenopause. Trying to stay positive and look for the light in dark times can help when we are having mood swings from hormonal fluctuations, but I want to talk about our worth and the mindset around that. As moms we tend to put everyone first and ourselves on the back burner. This can lead to us feeling like we don’t deserve to take time for ourselves, which is the exact opposite of what we need to be doing. That old saying of how can you fill someone’s cup if yours is empty is so true. Perimenopause whether it lasts 2 years or 10 years is setting us up for menopause, same goes for the years before we reach perimenopause. Now more than ever we need to realize we deserve to take care of ourselves. We need to acknowledge that yes we do a lot for others, but we must do a lot for ourselves in order to thrive and feel alive. 

At the end of my workout this morning Katrina Scott of Tone It Up mentioned how hard it was postpartum to workout, but when she really realized that she deserved it, it made it so much easier to workout. This is what got me thinking about us midlife moms who are perimenopausal, we have spent years, maybe decades putting others first. It took me a really long time to see that I deserve to make self care a priority without guilt. Ladies I want to tell you, we deserve it! This goes or choosing nourishing foods, mindfulness practices, movement, stress management. Think of how you would want your kids to treat themselves, and do the same for yourself.

I understand what a huge shift it can be to change this mindset. I know the guilt that comes with it. I know there is a feeling of judgement either real or perceived from society or other moms that creeps in. Enough with the judging and lets focus on compassion ladies! Please know that you are more than deserving of self care. Think of everything you do for everyone else in your life, see that you deserve it, feel it in your bones, know it in your heart. You are worth it! You deserve to thrive in perimenopause.

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