Garden Pests


Now is the time to start checking your garden to any signs of garden pests. Early detection is key! This is why I suggest daily garden walks beyond just coming out to water or harvest. During you daily garden walk take the time to inspect all your plants to make sure they are healthy and free of pests. If you do find evidence of pests, don’t freak out! 

Think about nature, add more compost at the base of the plant to help support it. Plants are very resilient. There are things you can do like running water over a plant to wash away the pest, using a Castile soap and water mixture, neem oil, for aphids I prefer getting a satchel of ladybugs and releasing them into the garden, I have also hatched praying mantis. You can also use a protective barrier to physically keep pests away from your plants like ag mesh, tulle or row covers. Start by supporting the plant with compost, removing any effected leaves or stems, and monitor, monitor, monitor. 

The best thing you can do is keep your plants healthy and happy with the right amount of nutrients, water and sunshine. Also it’s important to know you will never have a pest free garden, it’s just a part of gardening. 


What pests have you had a problem with in your garden?

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