Rouxbe Cooking School’s Plant-based Professional Certification Course

Rouxbe October 2014 Class

Back in September 2014 I entered a contest on Facebook for half off the tuition for the Rouxbe Plant-Based Professional Certification course through the Facebook page for Vegan Lifestyle Magazine. I thought it was worth the shot of entering. I was already a member of Rouxbe Cooking School. I had heard of the plant-based course and wanted to do the program. Being a fan of Chad Sarno, I knew this program would be amazing and a good fit for me. Once I found out I won half off the tuition I enrolled in the course. October 6, 2014 was the start date; I couldn’t wait to get started! It was a treat because the course started very close to my birthday.


I was very impressed with the learning platform. Everything is so easy to navigate. I love that there is an option to choose what is shown to you on the site. I was able to pick plant-based content only beyond the course content. This makes it great for those not interested in carnivorous food. The course starts off with lessons on how to get the most out of the course. They teach you from the very bottom, the very basics of cooking. Each unit and lesson builds on the previous. There are 220+ hours of training to go through to get to the end of the class. We are given 6 months from the start date to finish the course. It is a go at your own pace, but get everything done in the time limit course. With so much content this means you really have to be a self-starter to stay on track. Through out the program we had live Q&A sessions led by Chad Sarno with Ken Rubin. Each live session is geared towards the topic of approximately where you should be if you are sticking to the suggested timeline. It really is a great way to connect with other students and get your questions answered. We also had guest speakers for live events. Each speaker was an expert in their field whether it is nutrition, knife making, chefs, or doctors.


The progression of the course builds and builds so that by the end you really have gained the skills of a professional level plant-based chef. Now you might be thinking how can someone do a professional level course about food online? Well you do the 220+ hours of cooking and training for starters. For cooking assignments you have to take pictures of your mise en place, showing all ingredients prepped and ready to be used. Then you need to capture pictures of your in process cooking clearly showing the steps emphasized in the assignment. Finally you need to show your final plated dish ready to eat. By doing all of this you are able to really show the skill that goes in to making each assigned recipe. Before you submit your pictures you also have to do a written assignment about your process, what you thought and talk about the textures, flavors and dish. This gives you the skills to clearly explain what you have learned and shows your skill level with cooking and flavor building. You get very specific constructive critique of each assignment so you really know how you are progressing from the instructors view point.


I gained so much confidence in the kitchen from this program. It still amazes all that I learned! It built upon the knowledge I had and taught me so much more than I could have imagined. This class gave me direct experience to take with me into the future. It gave me insights to be able to share with you to maybe help make your time in the kitchen all the more awesome! I know one thing for sure; this class changed my life, my confidence and my skills in the kitchen.

*All pictures are my own from the course.

Mise en placeimage2large_IMG_5784

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