Gardening Is For Everyone

I’ve seen recently posts on social media where people are sharing how they don’t feel like real gardeners or that they are embarrassed to show either their gardens or the way they garden because it doesn’t fit the way gardening is shown on social media. This really got to me, I deeply believe that gardening is for everyone. I also believe that for as many gardeners as there are, there are as many ways to garden. Each person comes to garden in the way that works for them, usually from trial and error or taking a little bit of this and that from of what is learned from other gardeners, coaches or books, ect. 

There is no one set way to do things when it comes to gardening. I share and teach methods that have worked for me again and again, so I am confident what I teach to others will work for them. I also acknowledge that there are more than likely a bunch of other ways to get the same tasks done. I often read books or watch classes or videos about gardening because I know there is always something to learn from others. Then I take what spoke to me and try it out in the coming season to see if it will work for me. I recommend that every gardener do this to find what works for them. You never know what will work for you if you don’t try it a few times. You may find that in the future after building more skills and experience something that didn’t work for you in the past will now work wonders.

Seeing others feeling ashamed or bad for gardening in whatever way they can or want is sad to see. I suggest working with what you have and doing the best you can. If you are unable to, or just don’t want to start seeds for your garden, there is absolutely no shame in buying transplants. If you can’t afford to install irrigation, water by hand, it’s actually my preferred way to water, allowing me time to connect with the garden. If you are unable to use soil blocking or seed trays for starting seeds, repurpose what you have on hand, just about any food safe container that can hold soil will do. Maybe use paper pots or toilet paper rolls. There is so much you can do gardening with minimal supplies. If you don’t have a large space, grow what you can in the space you have. Utilize containers as much as possible, grow vertically too. The very act of gardening is so beneficial for not only our bodies, but the planet, our mental health and our community.

Whatever way you choose to garden, is the best way for you. Whatever way another chooses to garden is their best way. Gardening is a super power and we all should be proud to grow whatever we can, however we can. We all approach it differently and that makes it awesome. Sharing how you do things in the garden might inspire someone else to try a different way that works better for them. You never know who you are inspiring, so share how you garden.

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