Immune Support Tea



Elderberries, Chaga, Reishi, Astragalus decoction I made for the @culinarynutrition #everydayherbalcourse. This is one of the assignment recipes. I chose this blend for the immune supportive actions of each ingredient. It’s the perfect time to have something like this on hand.
Chaga is immune boosting and modulating.
Elderberry is immune boosting.
Astragalus is an adaptogen and immune boosting. Reishi modulates immunity.
Need to brew up another batch as my middle son is home with a cold today.

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Candice Cullen ~GROW. COOK. NOURISH. Garden To Table Academy

Certified Holistic Nutritionist/Nutritional Consultant, Culinary Nutrition Expert & Instructor, Certified Functional Nutrition Coach, Rouxbe Certified Pro Level Cook, Certified Gardenary Kitchen Garden Coach/Consultant, Plant-Based/Plant-Forward, Plant Food Expert

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