Since January I have spent time meditating and thinking about how to best serve you in a way that sits fully in conjunction with my heart, knowledge base, training, experience, desires, and dreams. 

Last October I switched gears and relaunched with a new niche and branding. I knew I needed to pivot because I felt like I wasn’t fully connected to what I was doing before. Things still felt off even after the relaunch. My end goal and dream has alway been to have a farm retreat where I could teach people how to grow food, cook from scratch and offer workshops for all things related to holistic living. With everything going on in 2020 I made moves to make this a reality in a different way. You see I was letting the whole having a farm retreat stop me from doing somethings. Then I decided I am going to do it anyway even if it means that there isn’t an actual farm retreat yet. I have so much experience and knowledge around all things food, nutrition, cooking and gardening that I feel a huge push to focus on this and share what I know as much as possible. Now it the time more than ever before.

My plan going forward is to share content for all 3. Look for garden tips, info and help under the GROW. heading. Look for recipes and from scratch cooking and all things food under COOK. Finally look for holistic, functional, and culinary nutrition under NOURISH. My goal is to have posts for you every Monday, Wednesday and Friday with these topics as well as seasonal workshops incorporating all 3 either in person or online. Everything will be rooted in seasonal food, eating and nutrition. I fell it is so important to be deeply connected to the seasons and strive to live in harmony with them. This covers everything from the energy of the season, food available to eat and grow, self care, nutrition, detoxification, supplements, stress management, herbal medicine and movement, etc.

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