Frost Dates & Hardiness Zones

Lets talk frost dates and what they tell you in relation to the garden. First and last frost dates help when it comes to planning when frost sensitive plants can go into the garden. On the other end of the season, they tell us when our frost tender plants should be done for the season….

5 Crops I Will Not Grow This Year

Like most people with kitchen gardens I would love to have more growing space than I currently do. When having a smaller space to grow your garden, planning is essential. Knowing what you are going to grow, when and  where is key to maximizing yields and getting the most out of the space you have….

Ideas For Creating Your Garden Journal

Last week I shared seasonal journal prompts, this week I want to share with you how you can create your own garden journal. I am sharing topics/headings you can add to your garden journal to help you keep track of your gardening journey, goals, setbacks, planting times, etc. You may think that you will remember,…

What Does A Garden Coach Do?

What does a garden coach do and how can they help you reach your gardening goals? This is a question some people ask when they find out that I am a Certified Gardenary Garden Coach. My simple answer is that I help people with their gardens. The truth is that is a very watered down…

5 Tips For Choosing What To Grow In Your Kitchen Garden

When you are just starting out as a new gardener it can be quite overwhelming to try to decide what to grow in the space you have. Most of us are growing in smaller spaces and must choose wisely what will take a spot in our garden. Below are 5 tips for choosing what to…